meadows of Freesendorf are situated between Bay of Greifswald and Lagoon of Spandowerhagen

Freesendorf Grassland

Freesendorf grassland is part of nature reserve Peenemünder Haken, Struck und Ruden. The channel for cooling water of former nuclear power plant Bruno Leuschner east of Lubmin separates it from mainland, but is spanned by few bridges.

Several causeways disturb the natural water movement. In 1974/1975 a dyke construction was started but never finished, leaving the area unclosed. Freesendorf grassland is frequently flooded, but artificial structures impede the water reflow, causing long-term flooding of the sites. Water and reed bodies are spreading, thus diminishing the habitat area for our meadow breeders (waders). Breeding of Northern lapwing, redshank and common ringed plover can still be observed. Ruff and dunlin have already vanished.

Freesendorf grassland and lake Freesendorfer See at high tide. (Photo KP)

Still breeding in Freesendorf grassland - the redshank. (Photo MD)