Godwits benefit from electric fencing


The main targets of the project will be achieved by the following actions:

Mowing in polder Rosenhagen

Optimisation of land use

  • For protection of nests we have to coordinate the dates of mowing or beginning of grazing with the farmers.
  • In order to achieve optimal habitats for breeding and nursing we will develop vegetation by maintenance cutting.
temporary water pump at Mönkebude

Optimisation of hydrological management

  • On the coastal sites we want to recreate natural flood dynamics for optimal in- and reflow. Therefor we restored some of the natural tideways in Freesendorfer Wiesen.
  • On the polder sites we will build artificial bars for retention of water. Under extreme weather conditions regulation may be necessary. At these sites only short-term inundation is needed. In 2019 and 2020 we installed temporarly a water pump for partial irrigation in polder Mönkebude. Soon there will be a solar pump to change to climate-neutral utilization.
electric fences in Freesendorfer Wiesen

Protection of clutches & predator management

  • For the protection of brood sites we will install permanent fences and electric fences against the high pressure of predators.
  • With electric enclosures we prevent mammal predatores from robbing eggs.
  • We support hunters with equipment for trapping foxes and other predators, like raccoon, raccoon dog and martens.