A meadow rich in insects near Leopoldshagen


The EU LIFE project addresses several main objectives:

  1. Protection of existing breeding grounds and creation of suitable breeding habitats for Black-tailed godwit, Eurasian curlew, redshank, Northern lapwing, Common snipe and other waders
  2. Improvement of conditions for resettlement of Dunlin and Ruff in our project areas along the Greifswald Lagoon
  3. Optimisation of common agricultural funding in EU and in our federal state with focus on meadow birds protection
  4. Establishmaent of an expert network on meadow birds in the Baltic Sea Region
  5. Reduction of predator menace to targeted species of meadow birds by foxes, badgers, racoons, martens and raccoon dogs
  6. Sensibilisation of public to nature conservation and meadow bird protection
  7. Instruction of volunteers (hunters, farmers, residents, conservationists) to care intensively for the project sites during and after LIFE project
  8. Augmentation of biodiversity by vegetational restructuring and adaptation of grassland management
  9. Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions of lowland mires/polders by optimising waterlevel management
clutch of a Eurasian curlew

Create more habitat spaces!

Lapwing chicks are camouflaged but need some covers to hide

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