Change of land and water on Struck Island

Struck Island

The Isle of Struck is part of Nature Reserve Peenemünder Haken, Struck und Ruden. It was assigned to the German Federal Foundation for Environment (DBU) as part of the National Nature Heritage.

Struck is connected to Freesendorf grassland by two bridges. It reveals rich structures in salt marshes, original tideways, natural coastal lakes and a historical pasture woodland.

Mother cows graze at Struck between June and September, but they currently cannot reach all parts because of lacking fords through tideways. In consequence, salt marshes are being supplanted by reeds and habitats for meadow breeders vanish.

At high tide only the higher ground of Hudewald Forest is not covered by water. (Photo KP)

Salt marsh peat is a natural precondition for the existence of numerous endangered species like sea arrowgrass.